Why am I alone on the 4th of July celebration?

  1. I just lost my very lucrative job that got me from check to check AlsoI am taking a chance on an idea tonight to see what I can do with my own site also I would like to be a GOOD and SMART person and invite anyone who has idea’s something they think is a GOOD idea or something to sale that is a real find come here and release it for sale online! My tale is a bluesy one that doesn’t even matter now,perhaps if this balloon flies instead of crash and burn’s! I will tell you! I want to be creative anyway:)

I ha ‘ve been with other sites that got too big to pay or acknowledge their sellers letting the seller beware of the buyer and though the cobwebs in here echoed paranoia, but there is some truth or I wouldn’t be here with my neck out!

So that is a start to why I am alone trying to lift myself up to see if I can try to reach the American Dream! And please any ideas any help please feedback is a must let us do this thing ! Our finds turn over into cash somehow This much I know.! That’ll you the beginning of what’s going on in Christina’s closet !